Kensington Gets Skype-Friendly with Desktop USB Speakerphone

Your VOIP just got upgraded, kid. The Vo300 Skype speakerphone from Kensington is just swell. Plug it in to one of your available USB ports, fire up Skype, and you’re ready to go, hands-free and headset-free.

The Vo300 includes it’s own LCD, so it’s not just a mic and a speaker. You can dial by hand, or scroll through your contact list and call histories. If using a headset is your bag from time-to-time, it’s got a standard headset jack so not everyone can hear how dirty your girlfriend really is. It ships today, the 24th of September, for $90.

This is Kinsington’s first device for Skype, but as they’re a popular manufacturer for peripherals, especially in the tech-friendly Mac camp, look for more in the coming months.

Vo300 USB Speakerphone [Kinsington, via iPodNN]