"Red" Alert: Corporate Espionage in Ultra-High-Definition

, has posted scant but exciting details about a break-in last night at the Red headquarters.

Not mere criminals, the felons didn’t make away with only typical, easy-to-fence HD gear, but with paperwork and perhaps hardware related to the Red One camera. Jannard is quick to point out that this won’t set back development and deployment of the camera at all. Nonetheless, he’s offering a $100k reward for information leading to the apprehension of the thieving parties. Anyone with information should contact Red.

There is a possibility that this snatch and grab is in response to Red posting the first incredible public screen grab of footage taken from a Red One camera at its ideal 4k resolution. The photo, linked below (caution: HUGE download, even for broadband connections) makes pores seem like craters and vaporous particles like floating balloons.

If the digital cinema footage (which should be posted next week) is anywhere near in quality to what we see here, which Red’s been promising all along, then it could indeed be the catalyst for some serious OMFG freaking-out on the part of current HD camera manufacturers. The news that they’re still not done optimizing the sensor (according to the tech team) makes this even more likely, and, potentially, even more frightening to Red’s competitors.

Stay tuned here to see how this turns out, as it could change how we see movies in the future – good or bad.

There was a break-in at the RED offices
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First Public 4k Mysterium Frame Grab [Red dot com]