If you are a British expat like – Alex Barnett and Ben MetCalfe – then getting hold of Tetley teabags, Heinz Beanz and/or Marmite can prove difficult. Asking friends to send you food parcels every now and then maybe one solution. Another maybe to use UK2YOU, a new UK focused website with more than 200 shops ranging from Hamleys to Harrod’s to Thornton’s chocolates which delivers to all E.U. Member states plus most of North America and much further afield.

UK2YOU was created by a partner of a British Foreign Office employee to service British expats and those people abroard wanting to buy British goods. Noticing a gap in the market UK2YOU only promotes shops that “deliver” to the international audience and thus takes away the annoyance buyers sometimes feel when getting to the checkout only to find the shop doesn’t deliver to their country.