Lucky And Flo Are Coming For You, Digital Pirate

The war on CD and DVD pirates continues today with the MPAA’s introduction of two Labradors named Lucky and Flo. I kid you not. They have trained these dogs to sniff out the polycarbonate used to burn discs. The problem, for the time being, is that they will alert their handlers to any and all CDs and DVDs they sniff, legal or not. They don’t know the difference. The MPAA is hoping to hone their skills to be able to sense just large batches, like the illegal DVDs I get that are available on the corner in Chinatown.

They’re taking the pups on a world tour to teach kids the dangers of pirating licensed material. “Remember kids, when you copy that CD, you’re killing Sony.”

Lucky & Flo: Priated DVD-Sniffing Dogs [ via DV Guru]