New Walkmanified Sony-Ericsson at Cingular

Cingular added today a new Sony-Ericsson Walkman phone to its website as “currently available”. The W300i is a fairly feature-packed phone at a reasonably good price. It features Bluetooth, a 640 x 480 camera, video playback, access to MSN, Yahoo!, and AIM messengers, external speakers, and, of course, Walkman music playback with Memory Stick Micro expansion. The clamshell also features external controls, a nifty feature we’re seeing a lot of these days.

The little guy will only set you back $19 after a $75 mail in rebate if you can live with a 2-year contract. No word yet on whether or not the W300i will work with Sony-Ericsson’s new M-Buzz store or not, but if they start laying out a few more of these mid-range phones at low-end prices, it would seem like a smart move.

Sony-Ericsson W300i [Cingular]