Red Theivery Update: Prototypes Gone, Mysterium Sensors OK

, makers of the Red One ultra-high-definition digital cinema camera. James Jannard, founder of the company, brings us this update via a post on DVX User:

While items taken included many computers, drives, monitors, prototypes (including our “shiny” aluminum IBC prototype), ID files and our Scratch system… it appears that the thieves did NOT get any sensors, sensor information or our primary “Frankenstein” shooting camera. It took all the RED troops coming back in to put all the pieces together. We will resume shooting and testing tomorrow. This would be the easiest piece to identify as stolen.

The prototype in the quote is the one in the photo above. This is good news as the heart of the Red One is the super-precise Mysterium sensor, which remains in Red’s possession. Red is working with local police to find the culprit, and we’ll keep you updated here.

Theft Update [DVX User]