TGS 06: Sony Debuts PSP GPS

For the first time ever, the PSP’s new GPS receiver was out in the public at the Sony booth at Tokyo Game Show. According to Gamespot, there was no touching and no photography allowed of the actual GPS receiver. Gamespot also got some stats on the peripheral:

The receiver is extremely compact at less than two square inches (45mm x 41mm x 17mm), meaning it’s a little bigger than an average person’s thumb. Plus it supposedly only weighs 16 grams, which is about half an ounce (0.56oz).

There wasn’t any new software for the PSP at the booth, but Sony did announce that Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Minna no Golf-jou would both integrate the GPS receiver into their interface. If used correctly, the GPS could add quite a bit of depth to PSP games, which are really depth-deprived at the moment. No word on when the GPS receiver will be released, stay tuned.

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