The Skype Mouse Makes Its Entrance

There’s something about this new Skype mouse from Sysgration that just makes me want to bang my head against my keyboayrd, but the Inquirer had a chance to play around with it, and they said that:

This is certainly a fun product. It works well as a mouse and it works well as a Skype phone, offering a decent-quality sound and a lot of options. We don’t yet know the price but it should end up cheap and it can really help you out while travelling. It is a cute product, well designed that will make your life easier.

OK. I just see myself using it to make a phonecall, and then needing to use my mouse and telling the person that I’m on the phone with, “Hold on, I have to put you down for a second so I can scroll to check what time the movie starts.” But Sysgration thinks the idea will take off, they have four different models set to be released. It looks like the ASG-142 may be the only one that exists as of now, though. No price yet.

ASG-142 [Sysgration via The Inquirer]