dotMobi Launches Today

dotMobi LogodotMobi, the Internet new top level domain for mobile content, launches to the public today, opening up registration to the public.

I won’t say much about it here, because I am not exactly unbiased*, but read what BBC and Financial Times are saying. Whatever your opinion on the usefulness of new top level domains, it’s clear that the launch of dotMobi is creating a lot of buzz about using the Web on your mobile, which is a “good thing.” Also, it’s important to understand that the dotMobi guidelines for Mobile Web content development are based on the best practice guidelines developed in the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

For more information, or to register a dotMobi name, visit or take a look at the dotMobi blog for up to the minute news on the launch.

*Disclosure: Vodafone, my employer, is an investor in dotMobi and I have personally been involved in its development.