GeoTagger: GPS Tagger For Photogs

Jelbert, a group from the UK, knows that the only way to make vacation slide shows more boring, perhaps, is to include timestamps and GPS data along side photos. With the GeoTagger outfitted atop your camera via the flash shoe, not only will people be able to tell which beach you’re at, but exactly where on the beach, and at what time the photo was taken.

OK, so it’s not really for vacationers, but if you’re any kind of pro photographer, especially of the wildlife/outdoor variety, knowing exactly where and when a photo was taken is important, if not required. The GeoTagger interfaces with your GPS unit and is activated when your flash fires, recording the time, date, and location it happened. It stores this data on a removable SD card. You can then later merge the data with your photos (conventional or digital). Even if you’re an amateur, and don’t have a high-end fancy camera with a shoe, it’s got a manual trigger to capture the data. Slick.

Since the GeoTagger unit is sensitive not just to location but also direction, you can map out exactly which direction you were facing when a photo was snapped. This should save loads of trouble for, say, criminal investigators or Playboy photographers. I can’t wait. It’s available now in England for £149, about $283, and is shipping now.

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