Sirius Stiletto 100 is Coming… Surprise

Sirius officially announced today the Stiletto 100 portable satellite radio. This shouldn’t come as an surprise to anyone since we’ve been reporting on the Stiletto 100 for months now, but the officialy press acknowledgement signifies the impending release of the product. Sirius says that the Stiletto 100 will be available this month for an MSRP of $349.99. There are also kits available so that the unit can be synched with a car or home stereo.

Aside from being able to play satellite radio, the Stiletto 100 is a really nice DAP. It includes a 2GB hard drive so users can upload a few albums to listen to in addition to sweet satellite radio. The system will utilize the Yahoo! Music Jukebox for its MP3 needs.It also has WiFi for streaming Sirius’ new Internet radio. This is definitely my next DAP.