The Japanese MusicMug: DAP Speaker In A Mug

Meet the MusicMug! It’s from Asia and it’s a mug! With a speaker! And a DAP jack! It plays your iPod’s music! It’s one of those things we probably won’t see here in the US, but, then, in this case, that’s OK by us.

Really. It’s made of bone china, comes in black or white (like your iPod), and has a speaker concealed in the bottom. We’re not sure why you’d want that, but I can see this as being something clueless mothers would buy for their iPod loving sons at Spencer Gifts when no other ideas come to mind (edit: Sort of likeTim’s HatFM on the British version of “The Office” – Blake).

If anyone’s Japanese is better than ours, please feel free to comment with more details, maybe they explain a reason this exists? Hopefully, in Haiku.

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