Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

Nintendo has already announced that the Wii will feature full online browsing capability via Opera web browser and its own internet channel for an optional fee. Opera Software today, announced that the software will be free for all Wii users until June 2007. After that, users will have to use Wii points, similar to Microsoft points, to buy the Opera web browser. The Opera web browser will support flash and AJAX-based content, and have functionality for bookmarks.

This also gives us some more information about the Wii online interface. It turns out that the interface will be quite similar to the Xbox Live Marketplace, allowing users to buy games, play demos, download themes, watch trailers and more. You have to give Microsoft some credit here–the company has only had one console out prior to this, and they are setting some pretty good standards with optional additional features that we’ve never seen before. No pricing on anything yet, but I’m sure we’ll know before November.

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