RIYL: Hatin' On Sony's Reader

yesterday is dead in the water. Oh, wait, maybe it does. Or at least so says David Rothman over at TeleRead as he compared it to the Edsel, an automobile failure beyond compare in 1958. His key arguments are certainly not offbase – monochrome screen, general suckiness of DRM, only 10,000 or so titles, no backlight, and a relatively high cost for a very limited product. However, all this aside, after having played with one last night I can’t help wanting one. I was in a very dark room and could read the display easily and without strain. It was simple enough to operate and the magnification of the print was nice, and would be handy for the nearly blind. But do I think it will fail? And how! I really hope it doesn’t fail completely though, because I do want to see the next generation of it.
Will the Sony Reader Be The Edsel Of E-Ink? [TeleRead]