T-Mobile Dash Coming October 16th

Engadget has scored a scoop giving details on the forthcoming T-Mobile Dash, including the launch date, set for October 16.

You’ll recall our coverage of the Dash from a couple weeks ago. It’s T-Mobile’s answer to Verizon’s Motorola Q. It’s also their branding of the HTC Excalibur, a qwerty-sporting, Windows Mobile 5-toting smartphone. It’s aimed at “family-focused working individuals who are trying to master a busy life,” meaning those who aren’t up to a full-on MDA-style smartphone, but need more than a Trace, dig us?

Engadget’s got a few more details, but other than the date, it’s nothing we didn’t really know before, and still no word on pricing, but look for it at around the $200 mark, as that’s what Verizon is peddling the Q at.

T-Mobile leaks Dash docs, October 16th confirmed
[Engadget Mobile]