Fossil Adds Bluetooth, Style To Techie Watches

Truthfully, before we knew the details on these three beauties, I couldn’t think of an immediate reason to add Bluetooth to a standard watch. And then Richard Ozerman chimed in with “caller ID.” Sure enough, that’s what it was. All three of these watches–one branded with the Fossil name, the other two are under the Abacus brand–have built-in Bluetooth that connects with your cell phone to not only allow you to see who’s calling, but let you mute/reject the call as well. Also, when a voicemail or text message comes in, an icon of an envelope appears on the watch’s OLED screen accompanied by a slight vibration.

This is being done through a partnership with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, so if you’ve got an SE phone, chances are good the watch will connect to your handset. The Fossil version is priced at an MSRP of $250 and will be available in late October, while the two Abacus styles will sell for $200 and are expected in mid-October.