iPhone, Shmy-Phone: The Rumor Roundup

It doesn’t even exist and I’m already tired of it. Due to some creative code reading of the Apple iTunes 7.0.1 update release it has been concluded that there may or may not be an Apple-brand phone on the way. Also, there’s word of a Cingular and Apple agreement for a new phone, making Cingular the sole carrier through mid-2007. Here’s a quick recap from some of the random speculation out there:

I personally find the notion of Apple doing a mobile phone utterly ridiculous, since there is no clear intersection between the two target markets and there is already far too much bloat on phones. Furthermore, Apple would have to deal with a lot of regulatory (and technology) issues that are not part of their core business. iPhone [Tao of Mac]

“4301.022” = ” ^0 was not copied because the video format is not supported by the mobile phone ^1 .”; “4301.043” = “Are you sure you want to manually manage music and videos on your mobile phone? You will need to manually eject your mobile phone before it can be disconnected safely.”; “4301.045” = “Are you sure you do not want to manually manage music and videos on your mobile phone? All existing content on the mobile phone ^1 will be replaced with content from your iTunes library.”;
Significance of this? Either an iPhone is coming soon, or new phones that support iTunes video, music and pictures is on the horizon. iTunes 7.0.1 Has Buttloads of Mobile Phone Mentions [Gizmodo]

Look, I’d love an Apple phone. On this point, I’ll be delighted to turn out to be wrong. I think cellphones are as ripe for a radical rethink as the online music store was when Apple set up iTunes. But let’s not go all wiggy every time someone passes around an iPhone rumor on the Web. Odds are, it’s just there to get you riled up. iPhone Rumors [Pogue’s Posts]

Meanwhile, insiders say Apple is internally estimating that shipments of the iPhone will top a staggering 25 million in 2007 alone. Motorola’s RAZR, by contrast, has sold more than 50 million units since its launch in late 2004. Apple is betting a phone with Apple’s iconic design, elegant interface, and iPod-matching functionality will be a strong draw for users who currently carry both devices on them. Apple iPhone to be Cingular-exclusive at launch [Think Secret]