Philips Brings New Approach to Portable Media

Philips is doing something it’s not normally known for – being innovative in the digital media space. Their new PMP, the PMC7230, plays back MPEGs, MP3s, and PlaysForSure Windows Media files on its 3.5-inch screen. While there’s nothing special there, it’s got a couple other unique things going for it that separates it from the crowded pack.

Take, for example, its picture-frame-esque form factor. Not meant to be held in the hand, the PMC7230 features a swiveling arm on the back so you can prop it up picture-frame-like on your table or seat back on the airplane. In addition, its built in A/V inputs allow you to record off any standard NTSC or PAL source, so you can load up your favorite shows to watch later without the need for a PC. Neat.

The PMC7230 also has a 30GB hard drive and a battery capable of playing back 18 hours of audio or 5 hours of video. It’s meant to retail at about $350, and should be on the shelves shortly. With its thoughtful additions, look for this to be a popular iPod alternative this year.

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