T-Mobile Brings Unlimited Calling To Limited Friends

that’s been popping up on the back of several new T-Mobile phones? It’s the first salvo in the coming all-you-can-eat talk time wars between cellular carriers. Ok, that’s maybe a little bit of hyperbole, but they’re giving users one of the best new plans we’ve seen so far, and it’s coming October 2. That’s Monday, if you don’t have a calendar handy.

MyFave 5 is a new add-on feature that allows you to pick up to five of your favorite contacts’ numbers from your phone book. When myFaves is accessed, it pops them up in a rotating menu much like Apple’s Front Row. When you find the contact you want, you select and call them, for free. Talk as much as you’d like to any contact in your myFave, it won’t come out of your monthly allotment of minutes. If you’re like a lot of people and only have a handful of friends, (Ozerman, looking at you) then you can basically find the cheapest compatible plan and chat your life away.

To qualify, you need both a myFave phone and plan, shown below. Notice that the popular Pearl is included, along with a decent number of Samsungs. We phoned up a T-Mobile rep, and they confirmed that myFave 5 is launching on Monday, but they also confirmed that in some areas the feature is available now. It takes an upgrade to your phone to activate, which can be done in-store. So, if you have a phone on the list below and are eligible for a change of plans, by all means drop by your local T-Mobile store and get with it.

    Single Rate Plans featuring myFave 5
    $39.99 300 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
    $49.99 600 MIN Unlimited N/w (MyFav)
    $59.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
    $69.99 1500 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
    Family Plans featuring myFave 5
    $69.99 700 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
    $79.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
    $109.99 2000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
    $139.99 3000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

If you select a family plan with myFave 5, each phone has its own favorites, but if you want to continue with free mobile-to-mobile calling, you need to add it as a $10 add-on. The following phones are myFave 5 compatible:

    myFave compatible phones
    Razor V3R
    Nokie 6103
    Samsung T-209 (Red or Blue)
    Samsung T-319
    Samsung T-509
    Samsung T-609
    Samsung T-719
    BlackBerry Pearl

We can’t wait to see how Cingular and those CDMA guys plan on matching this. We have every reason to believe that all future T-Mobile phones will work with this feature, so that’s good news to you stalwarts. Kudos to T-Mobile for being aggressive with both calling plans and hardware.

MyFaves for T-Mobile will be available Octover 2nd [Pinstack BlackBerry Forums]