TechCrunch's Group SMS Service Round-Up

Marshall Kirkpatrick, our weird cousin from TechCrunch who beats us up when we see him at Easter has written up a nice article detailing the selection different group SMS services that have been popping up lately. Sure, there was Dodgeball, but now you’ve got more than one choice.

While he doesn’t cover all the companies offering similar services (that might well be impossible), he does feature a top eight, and not only delivers the details, but also helps you to find which one will work best for your needs with handy features matrix that compares the services side-by-side, so you can .

Personally, we’d love to see an “overlord” service that allows you to communicate with all the services from whichever you use, but as this is a limited market at the time, that might be asking much.

A look at eight multi-person SMS services [TechCrunch]