Ajax-y New Webmail from Apple

and little else.

That said, it appears they’re going to create an Ajax-ified .mac mail with, get this, multiple mailboxes. This is immensely useful and essentially a network-based version of iMail, which I use and love. I was reading a bit in Wired – The Magazine that Parties Like It’s 1999! – about Microsoft and their Live Windows initiative, which is basically Google Apps, and, apparently, OS X web apps. Looks like they’ve got some programming to do.

The one thing I loved about .mac, when it worked, was the mailbox and password sync. To have an exact copy of my iMail online would make me a happy little puppy so, again, Apple gets my love. That doesn’t mean I’m going to pay $99 for cut rate hosting, though. Give us .mac Mail with OS X.

Why the New .Mac Webmail is Important [TechCrunch]