Bluebot Pushes Ads To Your Cell Phone

Here’s an idea that I would probably use a lot. A group of German students have developed a new Java program that will automatically update to your cell phone every time you enter a particular Bluetooth hotspot. What does it update, you ask? Right now, it’s the menu in the cafeterias at Dresden Technical University. When you walk through the Central Mess Hall, all 15 menus (or just the ones of your choosing) will be updated up to two weeks in advance. They’re calling the hardware Bluebot, and I can imagine this really taking off for advertisers. Think walking down 5th Avenue in New York while advertisements just start popping up on your phone.

Edit: When Bluetooth was originally explained to me years ago, this was how it was presented. Being able to go to an airport and having all your flight times automatically coordinated to you. I’d like to see stuff like this realized soon. – Blake

Official Site [Bluebot via Textually]