Mobile Versions of Skype Delayed Due to Technical Hurdles

According to Skype’s CEO, mobile versions of Skype for operating systems like Symbian, among others, are being delayed thanks to technical challenges.

“When we begun developing the mobile phone version we didn’t realize the number of technical obstacles. It is challenging and is taking much longer than expected,” he added in an interview with the daily.

The Windows Mobile version of Skype has been out for a while, but those devices usually require a WiFi connection or some sort of 3G data connection to be of any use. If you try to Skype on EDGE or heaven forbid, GPRS, you’re in for a world of hurt. Also, some of the lower powered CPU devices are having a hard time running the Skype protocol as well, since it was originally designed for PCs and thus used a more CPU-intensive codec.

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