Next UPMCs: Less Sucktastic (??)

So far UMPCs have been fairly silly — they’re small, cute, and useless — but the next generation should be much better. They promise.

Intel, for example, is showing off a Yahoo-branded UMPC that includes a Core Solo processor for increased battery life. They’re also expecting embedded GPS and wireless as well as cellular networking through Sierra Wireless and Nokia.

I’ve seen a few UMPCs in my day and haven’t been very impressed. Again, I prefer the basic Internet tablet over a fully powered mili PC, but there are some folks out there who need a tiny XP machine in the palm of your hand. I just don’t think the current crop – or this pseudocrop described by Intel – is quite what they’re looking for.

Second generation UMPC to debut in H1 2007 [TGDaily via Engadget]