Why Does Sling Hate Palm, America So Much?

Photographs, on their own, can be enticing and exciting, but then that’s also the fun. Take, for example, this photo we found on zatznotfunny. It shows the side a of SlingBox Tuner’s box. Our mystery deals with the badges of the different mobile platforms and operating systems that the Sling works with, which is fairly typical for electronics.

What’s interesting is the Palm logo that’s exposed when you peel away a round black sticker. For some reason, Sling didn’t want us to see this. Why is the Palm logo obscured? Is it because Access PalmSource hasn’t really updated the Palm OS in about a billion years? Is it because the client for the Palm OS (which has been AWOL for years?) isn’t ready yet? Is it a dis to Palm for some Silicon Valley cocktail party pairing gone bad? We notice that Windows Mobile is featured, so Treo owners whose smartphones end with the letter “w” are in good shape. But what of the rest of us?

We don’t know, but we’re sure we’ll find out.

Picture of the Day: Got Palm? [Zatz Not Funny]