A Look At The Wii Interface

Finally, we get to see what the Wii Interface looks like in English! Yahoo UK got its hands on some Wii interface pictures, and they don’t disappoint. The interface offers a lot of the same features Microsoft offers for Xbox 360 users, including a “Wii Shop” channel where you can download content. Original NES games as downloadable content?! I hope so!

The other channels shown include the news, weather and image management. Why you would want to know what’s going on outside, while you’re inside with a brand new Wii baffles me. Just kidding (not really). Other pictures show some of the Wii’s messaging features, and also show the Mii avatar creation. The Mii creator lets you customize a little avatar from a bunch of preset features, allowing for hours of endless avatar fun. Check out the interface pictures after the jump!

Wii Interface [kotaku]