New Phones Feature: Airborne Pathogen and Bio-Threat Warning System

If you’re like Blake, then you’re concerned about germs, bio-terrorism, standard terrorism, bird flu, SARS, hippies, dust mites and anything that ends with the word “Pox.” He is going to love the technology in this new phone from Gentag if it ever makes its way into production.

As it’s a concept, it has no real spec list, but it appears to be a fairly standard clamshell. What makes this phone standout is a sensor that alerts the owner to potentially harmful traces in the air, biological or chemical. You select what you’d like to be warned about, it does the rest. This is a great technology for those of us who suffer from Asthma and/or Hypochondria.

Cell Phones to monitor the air and alert users to harmful chemicals and gases [Gizmag]