Nodus Psyclone PSP Speaker Dock

For those of you who own a PSP and want a mini home theater system with you on the go, the Psyclone PSP speaker dock is another PSP accessory to add to your list. The Psyclone features Sonic Impact’s Class T Amp Technology, which fills the room with extreme clarity at all frequencies. All the standards are also here: Remote control, built-in charger and TV-Out. It would be really cool if there was some way to actually play games on the Psyclone as you PSP owners know, the volume (at max) on the damn thing is just too quiet (edit: use headphones? – Blake).

The Nodus Psyclone runs for $199, more than the price of buying a Nintendo DS (if you don’t already have one) and equal to the price of another PSP. Seeing as how there aren’t many movies coming out on the PSP anymore there isn’t too much justification on spending $199 on a sound system. But hey, at least you get a great sound experience while watching “Appleseed.”

Nodus Psyclone PSP Speaker Dock [I4U]