Re:Transmission is a gathering of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. The event is held on Friday 13th October until Sunday 15th October The venue(s) is the Limehouse Town Hall, London, also British Film Institute and RampArt Social Centre

The background to the event is based on the fact that earlier this year thirty groups met in Rome for four days of intensive workshops, discussions and presentations to identify key infrastructural needs of video based alternative media production. The Transmission event provided a vibrant cross-pollination of projects in the wider context of Internet communication – see the feedback reports.

Based on existing work by groups active in the field for many years, the meeting successfully identified a clear set of projects required for alternative media groups to collaborate on, with the goal of overcoming infrastructural problems of increasing visibility and cooperation.

This event in London is entitled ‘Re:Transmission’ because participants will be passing on and developing some of the ideas, contacts, plans and processes begun at the Rome Transmission meeting.

Citizen journalism and independent artists representing themselves on-line is a big focus of this event. As we witness the growth of user-contributed content, people continue to blog, upload, pirate, learn. The Free Open Source Software community has provided a wide number of production and distribution tool on the Net, while the Creative Commons copyleft licence offers a way to share content without commercial exploitation. The event has been organised to add to the work of these and other communities to contribute to the building of real world usable tools for distributing and sharing video online.

The gathering is participant-run and will made up of discussions, workshops, screenings, training, presentations and a 24/7 lab. All are welcome but once again workshop places are limited so book early. RSVP to: