Seagate Gets Definitive With The Maxtor Brand

Sorry, guess it’s a hard-drive morning. Seagate Technology this morning specified exactly how it’ll position the Maxtor-brand internal hard drives it picked up when the company purchased Maxtor earlier this year. In short, Maxtor will be the mainstream label, Seagate will be the premium label. You’ll be able to grab DiamondMax drives in capacities up to 320GB and they’ll feature more average-consumer cache sizes and performance, with three-year warranties. Maxtor’s MobileMax laptop drives will feature capacities up to 80GB and a 5,400rpm spin speed to support mainstream notebooks.

Seagate drives, in contrast, with feature larger capacities (currently up to 750GB), faster spin rates and the standard five-year warranty the company has rolled with
for some time now.

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