Sony NW-S706 Walkman MP3 Player With 4GB Flash

<img src=" hybrid has 4GB of memory, noise cancellation, 50 hours of battery life, FM tuner, three colors, and even line-in recording. It's even better than the iPod Shuffle (because this has a screen), and stores 4GB in a small package that can fit easily in any pocket you can think of – even that coin pocket that you never put coins in because it's way too damn hard to dig them out.

No price yet, but the NW-S706 should be out quite soon. We like the screen, especially, because it displays album art. And who doesn't want to see Beyonce on a 10×10 pixel block? We think that's around 1 pixel per boob. And the other 98 for her ass.

Sony scoop: NW-S706 with 4 GB of flash [dapreview]