Keyboard As Art: Logitech diNovo Edge

Logitech’s first rechargable keybord, the diNovo Edge is the long-awaited update to the slim-and-pretty 2003 model. It uses Bluetooth, which gives you extended range over RF keyboards, so controlling a media center PC from you couch isn’t out of the question. The keyboard features every kind of high-end advancement Logitech could think of apparently. The body is laser cut from a single, piece of black Plexiglas and set into a brushed-aluminum frame, thus eliminating seams. All of the keys are flush with the body. Media controls are backlighted when in use and appear invisible when they dim.

The company used its PerfectStroke key system that allows for more precise keystrokes with less effort and added a laptop-like touchpad, called TouchDisc, so there’s no need for a mouse.

Oh, and don’t think it always has to head back to the charging stand when not in use: A two-hour charge yields up to two months of battery life.

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