Massive Magazine For MMOs

If you’ve had a chance to experience the phenomenon that is World of Wacraft or have had end-on-end guild battles in Guild Wars, you know that the world of a MMO is its own reward. MMOs consume players into the depths of their mom’s basement, where they will never see the light of day again. In other words, these games are literally massive, taking players up to hundreds of hours to fully explore what the game has to offer. Produced by the editorial staff of Computer Games Magazine, Massive is a new magazine that focuses entirely on MMOs. This may seem like a dull idea at first, but if you’ve ever played a MMO, you’ll quickly realize that there are just tons of events and information that revolve in a game’s world. Massive doesn’t only cover information about the games themselves, but it goes beyond to actually cover player initiated events, player communities, guild information, player rankings and more. You’d be surprised at just how many crazy events occur in a MMO world. You can pick up a subscription for $12.99, and you’ll get a bonus DVD with your subscription.

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