Road Angel Mobile Helps You Avoid Tickets Without Cleavage

Cellphones with GPS functionality are becoming more and more commonplace. The role of GPS isn’t just to tell you where you are, but to help you automagically interact with your surrounding environment. Road Angel Mobile, out of the UK, is using cellphone GPS to help you avoid speeding tickets.

With the software application loaded onto your Nokia handset, and that handset paired with a compatible GPS unit, Road Angel tracks you as you drive, giving you your current speed. More importantly, it alerts you to approaching radar photo speed traps. We’re not sure yet of the legality of this, but it sure is cool.

No word on whether or not they’re planning to roll this out across America (unlikely), but it wouldn’t be too hard for a service like this to develop here with the help of a national carrier. Would Cingular or Verizon be OK with this legally sticky type of mischief? We hope so, as that Kia of mine goes faster than you’d expect.

Road Angel Mobile [Product Site]