Tom Tom Rider, Because Big Bad Bikers Need GPS, Bluetooth

Hey, tough guy. You think you’re so badass with your Harley, your black leather jacket, and that tribal tattoo, but do you even know where you are? This isn’t Altimont, pal, you’re at a weekend shopping trip with your wife and daughter, just like most of today’s Harley-Davidson riders.

Look, you’re at a Starbuck’s. If you had the new Tom Tom Rider, you’d know that. See, this little box is made to sit perfectly on your handlebars, giving you graphical GPS turn-by-turn on your Hog. It’s got a touchscreen for navigation as well as updatable maps via an SD card slot. If that’s not cool enough, you also get audio cues via the included Bluetooth headset here. Go on, put it on, you won’t look like a tool.

No, I take that back. It’s impossible to wear a bluetooth headset and not look like a tool. Might as well wear your cellphone on your belt—oh, I see you’ve got a RAZR… still.

No, no, I’m not making fun. Anyway, the new Tom Tom Rider is out now for about $900, comes with a handlebar mounting kit, and is made for tough guys like you. Uh, you’ve got some latte foam right there. Ok, you got it. We’ll talk more when you’re done with Crate & Barrel.

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