Zip-Linq Road Warrior Kit is Handy Dandy

Being a tech-toting nerd has its advantages, to be sure. When a pretty girl is wondering aloud about what time “Project Runway” comes on, it’s easy to impress her by looking it up on your Treo. But keeping all that gear connected can be problematic.

Enter Zip-Linq’s Road Warrior Kit 2, your laptop’s version of a shaving kit. Boasting enough USB goodness to to keep you more than happy, the kit contains a USB mouse, several USB adapters and gender changers, a USB notebook light, ethernet cables and crossovers, and a microphone and earphones for Skype, if that’s your thing. And they’re all in retractable, sexy zip spools.

It’s all contained in a genuine fake leather zip bag, and won’t raise any eyebrows at all at airport security checkpoints. At about $66, it’s a little steep, but convenience isn’t free.

Road Warrior Kit 2 [Zip Linq]