Zune Unboxing Hits the Web (via CBS News)

We’re not sure what’s pissing us off more: the fact that Microsoft keeps scooping us on things like this Zune unboxing video and then try to pass off as “buzzworthy”, or that they feed it to goddam CBS News, who plays it in the middle of the day or during primetime, instead of to us, where there are readers who care.

They’ve been doing a lot of this. Along with the Zune Insider blogs and other efforts, they’re totally trying to be hip and viral, while still keeping control of their message with an iron fist. Sounds familiar?

Confidential to J Allard: this crap doesn’t work. If you want any legitimacy to the buzz you’re trying to build for your wireless iPod wannabe, then, ya know, leak some stuff. To us. Our email addresses are on the about page.

Not sure what we mean? Watch the video, tell us what you think in the comments. You’ll need RealPlayer, sorry.


Video via CBS News [CBS News]