Power Chute: Slows You Down to Speed You Up

Running as exercise has indeed come a long way from its roots a gazillion years ago. Most notably in the late seventies and early eighties with the first modern designs for running shoes and, more recently, with Nike’s shoes featuring iPod integration and bluetooth. But technological advances still take a backseat to tactical advances.

The new Power Chute by Power Systesm (these guys like Power) is an innovative take on an old idea. By deploying the chute behind you, you get drag from the air which means you must run harder to keep your speed. This type of cross training is great for building muscles and strengthening tendons around your knees. As an added advantage, the chute can be released by a simple velcro belt, allowing the runner to charge forward, giving them an adrenaline boost that athletes love.

We’re not sure if there’s any science behind this, but it seems to make sense from the outside. It’s not like we’re going to test it out or anything. The only time we run is when we’re being chased or we’re late for happy hour, in which case this chute would not be helpful. Plus it makes a great nickname for your posterior.

Power Chute [Power Systems]