Ring Hides Dirty Secret in Mobster Style

We’re not sure why this is called the Mullet Ring, but it’s certainly a “gentleman’s secret”. In side this so-gauche-it’s-cool gold pinky ring is entombed one blue Viagra pill. So when you’re acting like Joe Pesci and talking smack about your partner’s new ride, and you gesture with that pinky-ringed finger, you can literally wag your manhood in his face.

Then, later, when you’re with your Cappo’s lady friend, even if you’ve lost your Armani suit and are there in the buff, you can still pop your pill (real gangsters never take off their pinky rings).

It’s available in two different styles, depending on the type of impotent gangster you are, from Pensacola, Forida. We’re thinking of collecting a kitty to purchase one for Rush Limbaugh.

Product Page [Mullet Ring]