Apple Hiring iMarketing iManager for iPhone iTunes

Apple has inadvertently dropped another hint of features that the iPhone will probably have: a Mobile iTunes store. A job listing on Apple’s website, advertises that it’s seeking a Mobile Marketing Manager for iTunes. The job is just what it sounds like from the listing, and it’s looking for someone who can “Collaborate with iTunes Engineering to build program components as the foundation of the mobile marketing strategy.”

This most likely means an iPhone owner can browse iTunes from their iPhone handset, preview songs and purchase them for playback on the device. This functionality was rumored to be included with the Zune from Microsoft, but we now know it’ll be missing at launch. Here, we have proof that Apple is taking the lead on this.

The iPhone is expected the first quarter of next year, and will most likely be offered exclusively from Cingular at its launch, but this job listing is looking for an applicant who can “work with the major carriers, worldwide, to ensure the best coverage and exposure to the potential audience.” Nice. Look for Apple to take a page from the book of Motorola as it tries to replicate the popularity of the RAZR across all carriers.

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