Embattled HP Execs Charged with Felonies

It certainly seems to be raining shit on Patricia Dunn and pals. We’ve been reporting about the whole spying debacle for weeks. Today, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed felony charges against Dunn and four others who are implicated in the case.

HP initially announced that Dunn would be resigning early in 2007, but the move was accelerated last week when she stepped down months early. The charges could land them in jail for up to six years.

It all kind of makes me think about how things could change. Imagine what Dunn thought when she initially got the job. All the ambition and potential she had when she took over as chairwoman in February of 2005. And now, less than two years later, she’s out-of-work and hovering around a jail time. It’s sort of depressing.

Dunn Charged With Felony For Spying On Board Members [TechDirt]