Fanatec Heäd$h0t is the Most Feature Heavy Mouse and Mousepad Ever

USB hub, which means it needs an AC adapter. You snap on the plastic arch, which holds the old school telephone receiver-style cord of the mouse in place.

The mouse itself has a really wide wing on the right to keep your ring and pinkie finger on the mouse as you move it, and you can even adjust the mouse’s width if one of your parents passed on the “gorilla hands” gene. The laser sensor is 2000 dpi and the same one used in the Logitech G5, which is pretty much the best sensor out there right now. You can use the software to macro buttons on the mouse, which even lets it switch to “joystick” mode for flight simulators.

All in all the mousing action is really smooth thanks to the mouse + mousepad combination, and is a great deal for $100. If not for the fact that we already have a few Logitech gaming mice sitting around here, we’d pick up one of these in a heartbeat. But if you don’t like making your desk look like the Joel Schumacher Lego Batman Starter Set, this may be a bit garish for you.

Fanatec Heäd$h0t–The Most Over-featured Mouse Ever [Extremetech]