Fraunhofer's SX Pro Converts Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound

A new technology by the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated Circuits, the same place that gave you the MP3 more than a decade ago, is developing a technology that converts Stereo music to a 5.1 Surround Sound extravaganza. That means your MP3s you download illegally – yes you, Aunt Burtha – can be made into 5.1-channels of audio.

How do they do it? By analyzing different parts of the audio and “identif[ying] characteristic sound elements” in order to split them up and produce them from a different speaker in order to fake the 5.1 audio.

Unlike prior approaches, the SX Pro technology offers a stable sound field during fast changes in content, and consistent, distinct positioning of audio sources, offering a realistic substitute for true 5.1 mixes when they are not available.

Since their MP3 technology was such a success, we’re going to trust that these guys know what they’re doing and look forward to the day where our Huey Lewis and the News MP3s we downloaded in ’97 can be heard in its original splendor.

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