Logitech To Cool Sweaty Palms Of PS3 Users, Make America Safe

The ChillStream controller for PS3 from Logitech features a built-in fan-based cooling system to keep even the sweatiest of your competitors from using that “hey, my hand slipped” excuse. The controller has three vents on each side pushing air directly onto your fingers and palms and can be set to high, low or off. Logitech also claims the fans are quiet during operation. Fans in controllers aren’t new, but knowing how much thought usually goes into the company’s products, we’re hoping it’s at least well executed. You’ll be able to pick them up for $40.

Logitech to Bring ChillStream Technology to Playstation3

PS: Logitech also says several of its current PS2 products will work with the next-generation console including Driving Force Pro and EX wheels and USB headset.