Mustek's Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player

These things are still completely alien to me. Back when I was a kiddie and my parents would chauffeur my friends and I around, we often hypothesized about the ability to play video games and watch movies in the backseat. I guess it was always inevitable, but it seemed rather impossible at the time.

Anyway, for today’s kids, this is very much a reality. Rather than wishing for portable gaming I guess now they’re hoping for an acceptable viewing angle. Mustek has got them covered though. This new system features dual 7-inch TFT displays with 480 x 234 pixels capable of displaying 16:9 widescreen.

The player works with CD and DVD and play MP3, DivX, XviD and AVI. And it has a Dolby Digital Decoder. It’s available for about $230.

Mustek PD77 two screen DVD player
[Tech Digest via UberGizmo]