No PSP Price Cut In Sight

Sony today announced that it had no plans to drop the price of the PSP in the final months of 2006. It’s almost as if Sony is using its high prices as a selling point. Like, “Our stuff costs more, so it’s clearly better.”

It is of note to consider though that the available games on the PSP is expanding rapidly and with the PS3 dropping soon, those who own both the PS3 and the PSP will be able to do all that crazy syncing stuff that we’ve heard so much about.

Anyway, the PSP is currently available by itself for $200 or for $250 in a bundle with a memory card and a movie. I’ve never had a problem with the PSP, personally, but I know at least one person who wouldn’t even use a PSP as a doorstop.

Sony won’t cut PSP price in ’06