QuickerTek MacBook Connect: More Better Wireless For Your Apple Notebook

The QuickerTek Connect Wi-Fi amplifier claims to provide a faster and stronger wireless signal to your Apple MacBook without wires. The device attaches or sits next to your MacBook (there are versions for older Apple laptops as well) and boosts the signal of the internal AirPort card to “five times the standard wireless range.”

The $200 Connect (yes, it’s $200, so you got to really want to extend your range) is powered by either an AC adapter or can run off your computer’s power via a USB adapter. We know what you’re thinking: “But wait, those are wires and you said there wouldn’t be any wires?” You see, what the company means by “without wires” is that it doesn’t require digging around inside your notebook to use the ampifier.

QuickerTek Connect [Product page]