TDK Develops Mini Blu-ray Discs for HD Camcorders, 200GB Blu-ray Discs For Everyone

Two Blu-ray developments from TDK today. The first is a 200GB, six-layer Blu-ray disc that can hold four times the amount of “movie” that you get with the current Blu-ray dual-layer discs. The other is an 8cm mini Blu-ray disc that holds 16.5GB and will be used in HD camcorders and other recordable media traditionally using mini DVD discs.

Why should you, Joe Sophisticato, care? Well, we’re assuming that if you already bought a Blu-ray player that it can read future Blu-ray discs. Assuming that this new six-layer discs can play back fine on those, everything’s dandy. But if you’re going to have to upgrade your player to support increased Blu-ray capacity, well, that blows.

TDK 200GB and Mini Blu-Ray discs [New Launches via uber gizmo]