Cable Has Enough Bandwidth to Combat Fiber to Homes

Your cable modem is about to get speedier. A new report suggests that cable providers have figured out a way to resequence the data traveling through their network to increase available throughput to speeds rivaling the fiber connections to homes that are already being rolled out.

Where’s all this new space coming from, a wise geek may ask? The soon-to-be-abandoned analog television spectrum. You see, now that we’re on the cusp of all cable delivery being digital, that spectrum is idling uselessly. Sure, there are still a few analog customers out there, but our bet is many of them are stealing cable, old-school style, so the Coxes and Comcasts of America wouldn’t think twice about discontinuing the service.

This is great news for those of us who are waiting for better compression rates and larger frame sizes for our HDTV, and want to be able to download our porn at the speed of light.

Report: Cable Has Plenty of Capacity [DSL Reports]