Good Vibrations Dumped From PS3 For Cost Reasons

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Kaz Hirai, said Sony dropped vibration feedback from the PS3 controllers because finding a way to combine it with the new tilt-motion sensors would have made the controllers too expensive for consumers. In a video interview he stated the “balancing act” that would have to take place in order to get the two technologies to co-exist just wasn’t worth the extra money and that keeping the tilt-motion sensors as an input method was more important than feedback.

Immersion, the company that designs the rumble technology (and sponsor of a little research on consumer reaction to Sony dropping it from the PS3 controllers) responded to the comments made by Hirai by claiming that the addition would not have cost the consumers much at all.

SCEA’s Hirai: Rumble Cut Because Of Cost [1Up]